Coasteering, cliff jumping & tombstoning


Coasteering, cliff jumping & tombstoning: Know the difference

Coasteering is a relatively new activity for thrill seekers looking to get wet whilst getting close to nature. It’s a fusion of rock climbing, swimming, cliff jumping and scrambling around on rocks whilst taking in the natural wonders the coastline has to offer. Tombstoning is another activity all together, and is highly controversial.  You can find out more about tombstoning here.

If you’re interested in taking part in coasteering, Ports of Jersey has this very sensible message:

- Always ensure that you have the correct safety equipment, which includes a Personal Flotation Device, wetsuit, helmet and suitable footwear.
- When jumping into the sea from any height, take extreme care to ensure that there is sufficient depth of water with no hazards such as submerged rocks.
- The tides, particularly in Jersey, move extremely fast with strong currents around the coast of Jersey, so ensure you have the necessary experience, as areas quickly become unsafe to jump from. Just because you have jumped from a location before, doesn’t mean it will be safe the next time.

Don’t take unnecessary risks: if in doubt, don’t jump.

We want everyone to enjoy our beautiful island, but above everything we want everyone to stay safe: locals and visitors alike. Ensure that you enjoy these activities safely by only taking part via a reputable organisation who are properly trained and equipped.

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