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Jersey Lifeboat Association

Welcome to our website. This site will evolve as support for the JLA continues to strengthen. We have some exciting ideas on how we can enhance the SAR capabilities in Jersey more news to follow as details are finalised.

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The Jersey Lifeboat Association Crew on exercise. Complete with their new kit 👏👏

Fundraising for

We currently have 3 main fundraising goals and that's to raise money for an all weather lifeboat at a cost of £100,000. Crew kit at a cost of £20,000 and a brand new inshore lifeboat costing £230,000.

The Tyne Class Lifeboat, Sir Max Aitken III

The Tyne Class Lifeboat, Sir Max Aitken III

This will be our temporary all-weather lifeboat. This type is still in service in the RNLI and is a very popular boat with crew members. Weighing in at 24 tons and capable of 18knts with a range of 240nmi.

The MST 900 RIB

The MST 900 RIB

Heavy duty high speed commercial wide beam 9.0m Search & Rescue RIB with composite hull and aluminium topside fabrications.

Crew: 4, Survivor capacity: 12, Length: 8.8m, Beam: 3m, Speed: 38knts