Boat Owners Checklist part 5


The guys at Islands Insurance have put together some great advice, which we’d like to share with you all.

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Part 5: Engines and Motors

Even if it was only used for a short time last year, have your engine pre-season serviced. You should have an engine maintenance log with, in particular, the date and hours of last oil changes. You should also check that the fuel lines, primer bulb and tank do not have leaks, and lubricate and spray all moveable parts.

Outboard Motors

Replace the spark plugs and check:

• Plug wires for wear

• Prop for nicks and bends

• Gear lube

Inboard Engine

Ensure the good working order of the:

• Backfire flame arrestor

• Impeller

• Water strainer

• Bilge blower

Check and, if necessary, change:

• the engine anodes

• oil, filters and cooling system coolant (and make sure that you have some spare onboard)

• belts for tension

• transmission fluid


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