Boat Owners Checklist part 4


The guys at Islands Insurance have put together some great advice, which we’d like to share with you all.

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Part 4: Below Decks - Keeping Safe in the Water

It’s important to make sure that your boat is sea-worthy below decks as much as it is above them.  Here are a few things you should check.


Make sure that your head is:

• Lubricated and cleaned as necessary

• If equipped with treatment system, have chemicals on-hand

• Y-valve operation with the valve labelled and secure

Water System

Check your water system by:

• Flushing the water tank

• Checking the water system and pump for leaks

• Checking hot water tank is working on both AC and engines

• Ensuring the tank cap keys are on-board

• Cleaning the shower sump pump screens


In the galley:

• Fill the propane tanks

• Check the electric and manual valves

• Make sure the storage box vent is clear

• Clean the fridge and check it operates on AC and DC

• Clean the stove and check that all burners and oven are working


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